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Cocktail Hour Tombstone Style


Notice the improvised garnish pick. Tombstone, AZ. Wells Fargo RV Park. One block from the OK Corral. Herman is reading The Cowboy Conspiracy to Convict the Earps, purchased this afternoon at the Tombstone Courthouse State Historical Park. Hot sun. Cool brisk breeze. Perfect outdoor weather (if you don’t mind holding onto your drink with one hand and your hat with the other).

Bloody Mary with olives stuck on the tines of a plastic fork

Motorhoming Is the Mother of Improvisation

Thank you so much for reading/riding along with us. Tombstone is REALLY off the beaten path and we went 500 miles out of our way to come back and see it again. We’ll be here a couple of days. Got any requests for pictures or info? I’ll do my best. Just leave a comment, below.

Enchiladas, La Posta, Mesilla, New Mexico


Anyone who has ever suggested Thai food to me knows I am a spice wimp. This trip is giving me a thing for enchiladas smothered in a piquant (lovely word) not hot, green chile sauce. These were at the fabulous La Posta restaurant in Mesilla, New Mexico,  last night. La Posta is an explosion of color, tropical birds (fake and in a big cage at the reception desk), and history. It used to be the stagecoach stop before the train went through nearby Las Cruces. Billy the Kid probably ate here. Hope he had the enchiladas.

Love enchiladas? Love New Mexican food? What about New Mexico? Hope you will leave a comment, below.