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We Left Our Dignity at the Four Corners Monument

Sign reading "Welcome to Four Corners U.S.A."

Four Corners is on Navajo tribal land. The site is administered by Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation.

Herman and I don’t have much of a bucket list, but one thing that was on it was to stand atop the Four Corners Monument–the point where the borders of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona intersect.  There is something about the idea of being in four states at once that brings out the silly kid in each of us.

Herman crouching with a hand or foot in each of four states.

Herman lives the dream, a hand or a foot in one of four states.


Charlotte doing yoga pose Downward Dog with a hand or foot in each of four states.

This may be how I threw my back out. Downward Dog in four states.


We planned to do it the last time we were on an expedition out West, but after we braved barren lands, big winds, and swirling sand between Monument Valley, Utah, and Cortez, Colorado, we were so disappointed to find a big “Closed for Construction” sign slapped across the highway marker for the Four Corners Monument.

This time we went a good 200 miles out of our way to try again. And succeeded.  As I overheard Herman tell one of our kids on the phone, “There’s no way to do it without sticking your butt in the air, but it was worth it.”

Herman and Charlotte standing on the four corners plaque.

Two people, two states each.

What’s on your bucket list? Where have you been that made you act like a fool? Just click on Leave a Comment below.

Cocktail Hour Tombstone Style


Notice the improvised garnish pick. Tombstone, AZ. Wells Fargo RV Park. One block from the OK Corral. Herman is reading The Cowboy Conspiracy to Convict the Earps, purchased this afternoon at the Tombstone Courthouse State Historical Park. Hot sun. Cool brisk breeze. Perfect outdoor weather (if you don’t mind holding onto your drink with one hand and your hat with the other).

Bloody Mary with olives stuck on the tines of a plastic fork

Motorhoming Is the Mother of Improvisation

Thank you so much for reading/riding along with us. Tombstone is REALLY off the beaten path and we went 500 miles out of our way to come back and see it again. We’ll be here a couple of days. Got any requests for pictures or info? I’ll do my best. Just leave a comment, below.

Time for Tires

Up early today in Mesilla, New Mexico. Time for four new back tires. Herman is sobbing into his coffee. These things are killer expensive but on the hot Southwestern roads we need more tread than we had. Then we’ll be up on I-10 West and headed for Tombstone. Yo, Wyatt Earp, we’re on our way.


They Make 'Em Big Out Here (At Mesilla Valley Commercial Tire)