Monthly Archives: September 2012

At last, she blogs

And it’s about time.  I have been struggling for more than three years to figure out where a *ahem* well-seasoned writer like me belongs in the bloated publishing landscape of this century.  Here’s how long ago I started out: I finished my first freelance assignment in 1984 on a portable Smith and Corona tucked on a table in the guest bedroom closet. In 2009, when I ended my twelve-year detour as a librarian and started poking around to determine where I could fit in as a writer again, everything had changed. Every. Thing. But now I think I’ve found a niche. Or two. I feel like I’m back. I know I’m excited. I hope you’re happy too. I’ll be blogging about my first book, Eldercare Is Making Me Fat, about writing, about self-publishing, about what a long strange trip it’s been, about my Boomer life (no, really?) and whatever else happens to flow from my rapidly atrophying brain to my fingers on any given day. Thanks for reading!  See you back here soon.