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Is Self-Publishing for You?

I’m excited to say that I will join two other professionals in an informal, non-threatening workshop on self-publishing at Blackstone Coffee Company in Fredericksburg on Sunday, November 11, 2012. Bring your questions. Chat with us about our own experiences and learn before you leap. Blackstone’s coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches are delicious and we look forward to meeting you. Please register so we will be sure to prepare enough handouts. Find complete information here.

Signing? Party? Or Support Group?

Sunday’s book launch and signing for Eldercare Is Making Me Fat at Blackstone Coffee wasn’t at all what I expected . . . and that was great. I thought people would drift in over the two-hour span, buy a book or bring a book: I would sign it and they’d take off. In the slow moments in between, I expected to chat with my editor and the book’s designer.

Vera Pastore, Maria Schultz, and Charlotte Johnson Jones at book signing for Eldercare Is Making Me Fat

Editor Vera Pastore, designer Maria Christina Schultz, and Charlotte Johnson Jones

Didn’t happen. Instead, friends and women and men who had been total strangers three minutes before came in, got a cup of coffee and maybe something to go along with it. (The quiche is especially good, I must say.) Uninvited but totally welcome, people pulled up chairs and sat around the book table jabbering like it was a family get together. When one left, another took the place.

The thing that knocked me out was how many seemed relieved to be able to tell their own stories Continue reading

(Blackstone) Coffee and Collaboration

Eldercare Is Making Me Fat
Book Launch and Signing
Sunday, October 14, 20012
1:00-3:00 pm
Blackstone Coffee
Fredericksburg, VA

Writing can be a very lonely job. It used to be for me, anyway.

When I was a freelance journalist back in the day, I was one of those midnight writers, cranking away in the dark, trying to make the work perfect and still get it in on time.

CharJoJones's cat, Sugar, around 1997

Sugar Circa 1997

If I hadn’t had my gentle aging cat, Sugar, to sit in a box of stationery on the desk and keep me company, I would have gone the way of Edgar Allen Poe and started hearing angry birds. Thank goodness, all Sugar ever quoth was meow–although nevermore would have been more like it. I was always crushed right up against a deadline, always telling myself this was the last time.

I actually quit writing in 1998 and went to graduate school in library science because I couldn’t take the solitude.

Self-publishing saved me. Continue reading