And He Can Fix Your RV

Larry Blevins, owner of Larry’s Mobile RV and Marine Repair, wails on the sax with the 24/7 Blues Band.

Talk about serendipity. Storm clouds with silver linings. When we pulled into Las Cruces, New Mexico, a few stops ago, every single electrical outlet in the motorhome suddenly went on the fritz.

We were not, as the expression goes, happy campers. For that matter, we are not exactly campers. Without our Mr. Coffee, phone chargers, and hair dryer, we felt a little frantic and a lot bereft.

At most RV resorts, when you check in, you get a brochure with rules and regs, a map of the grounds, and if you are lucky, at least one advertisement for a local entity that does motorhome repairs. If you are really  lucky, there’s an ad for someone who will come to you for “onsite” repairs.

We were really lucky. Right there it was: Larry’s Mobile RV and Marine Service. It was after 5:00 pm but we called the office anyway and left a message. We called the cell number in the ad and left an even more plaintive message.

We tried and retried everything. Flipped all the circuit breakers on the small board in the bedroom. Unplugged and replugged the shore power. Searched the coach for ground fault protectors. None had tripped.

We called the cell again. Larry Blevins, God bless him, realized we must be desperate. He picked up. He picked up even though he is a newlywed. Even though he was barbecuing in his backyard for family and friends. He listened patiently and told Herman as a last ditch to look under the hood as it were–actually in a compartment at the back of the chassis–for a black and white button on the inverter. Push it. Pray. If it doesn’t work, call first thing in the morning, I’ll come right out.

Bingo. Power.

The next day, we called to thank Larry and he invited us to come out on Saturday and hear his band, 24/7 Blues, play a gig in town on the upstairs patio at De La Vega’s Pecan Grill and Brewery. Why not, we thought. He’s such a nice guy and we’ll have a good dinner.

The 24/7 Blues Band gets funky on the patio at De La Vega’s Pecan Grill in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Holy Moses, Blevins and his crew can play everything from funk to classic rock to roadhouse. To tell you how good they were, all you need to know is that Herman even got up several times of his own volition and danced.

If you’re ever in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and you need an rv repair or an awesome dose of the blues, check Larry Blevins out. Tell him that Herman and Charlotte sent you.

Who’s your favorite Renaissance Man and what does he do? Are you from New Mexico? Ever heard 24/7 Blues? Click on Leave a Comment below.

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    1. Charlotte Post author

      Thanks, Donna! We really did have a great time. We’re about to make “the turn” toward home and I’ll be doing a lot of writing this summer to get that book on the shelves.


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