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American Hustle: Too Much

AMERICAN-HUSTLE-poster-1024x768I’ve been trying to get to American Hustle for weeks and today I finally made it. After coming up with a big fat nada despite ten nominations at this year’s Oscars, it is bound to be off the marquee tomorrow.

It’s hard to tell if my experience of Hustle was colored by being the only . . . the absolute only. . . soul in the theater, but I’m going to have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Continue reading

The Three Faces of the Oscars

I’m a true fan of the Oscars. Honest I am. But this year, persevering through all four hours was more stressful than watching–heck than living through–The Three Faces of Eve.

Pick a personality and stick with it. I beg you.

Host Ellen DeGeneres was at ease, charming, perfect. Until she was too much and then I was over her. In the early going, DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams both broke through the fourth wall, chatting, teasing, and dancing with the glitterati in the first few rows. Intimate camera work enhanced the effect. Was I sitting on the aisle with the nominees or were they chillaxing in front of my TV with me?

Unfortunately, DeGeneres just kept on doing The Ellen Show, while the Oscars went on without her onstage. Her Twitter selfie with a dozen stars was inspired. The pizza, over the top. Enough already.

This was an amazing year for movies and actors–both male and female. Onstage, the winners seemed to know and acknowledge it, with generous tributes to the others in their category. (I’ll give Cate Blanchett a pass for her strange digs at Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. Maybe she was nervous. Or maybe I’ve just never gotten Australian humor. Bullock didn’t seem to know what to think either.)  If you haven’t already seen them, watch the acceptance speeches by Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o. Both actors were gracious, grounded, and poised. Continue reading

Day 12: Tippi Hedren, No Thanks to Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock in a studio portrait, circa 1955. From Wikipedia Commons.

Alfred Hitchcock in a studio portrait, circa 1955. From Wikipedia Commons.

“Enquiring minds want to know” why I claimed in a recent post that actress Tippi Hedren, star of The Birds and Marnie, loathed Alfred Hitchcock.

Perhaps it would have been better to say that in a live interview at the Virginia Film Festival last weekend Hedren shared mixed emotions about the legendary director. Although if I am any judge of body language, she leans more toward loathing than gratitude.

The event was a 50th anniversary screening of The Birds, which appeared in 1963.

From my seat in the middle of the row about a third of the way back at the palatial Paramount Theatre, she looked mah-velous. Really. Mah. Veh. Lus

Now 83 years-old, she is just as trim as in her Hitchcock heyday, wearing a black knee-length sheath, nude hose, and high-heeled pumps I thought only Tina Turner would be able to handle at that age. Her hair is short and a tad spiky. Occasionally, her expression or movement evokes her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith. If I were being catty, I would guess that they have the same plastic surgeon. Continue reading