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Day 11: Thankful for My Veteran

Nineteen years ago, not too long after I met my dear husband, Herman, I went back to my Alabama hometown for the wedding of a childhood friend. Like many weddings, this  was also a reunion of sorts, for a group of girls–now women hitting age 40–who hadn’t seen each other for years.

We had all gone off to college in 1970. We had all been (oh, the dirty little secret) debutantes together. Most of them had joined sororities and gone on to marry bankers and lawyers. All had stayed in the South but me.

I, on the other hand, divorced my banker and moved to Washington D.C.

I guess I had always been the odd one. Continue reading

Day Five: Thank Goodness He’s from Toronto

MSNBC Tweet #VAGov

MSNBC Tweet #VAGov

We are electing a governor today in Virginia and the cable news networks are a-Twitter.

The polls closed at 7:00 p.m. It’s 8:24 now. And, to be honest, at this point, I expected it all to be over including the shouting.

Instead, it’s too close to call.

Ken Cucinelli, the uber conservative everyone thought was bound to lose is actually ahead–though the Washington D.C. suburbs have not been counted. They’re expected to boost Democrat Terry McAuliffe to victory. And I’m starting to wonder if even a vaguely humorous post is such a good idea. Continue reading