Day 13: Tenacious As D (for Done)

It’s almost hump day. Well it is Wednesday. But I’m talking about the fact that November is nearly half over.

Last year, I took some Facebook friends’ lead and did Thirty Days of Gratitude—one status every day in November about something small or large that made me thankful. Two or three sentences. No pictures. Just a quick thought.

I’m, well, grateful that I did. It was good discipline. Good for the soul. A good habit to get into–counting my blessings.

This year, I decided to do a blog post a day instead. With pictures. And links. And yikes. It has been like a full-time job.

I’m not a quitter. I can be as tenacious as D. But I’m also pretty savvy about cutting my losses.  This time, I’ve bitten off more than I have the teeth for.

Thanksgiving’s coming. I have turkeys to baste and family to enjoy. Another book of stories to write. And a half-done love story in the drawer that I really, really want to finish and publish. I know how it ends and it’s worth hanging in on.

So we’re calling this a day at Thirteen Days of Thanksgiving. That’s a baker’s dozen and it will do. Right?

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