Day Three: Thanks Be for Holiday Movies

Countdown to ChristmasI know I’m supposed to be kvetching about how it’s only the third of November and Day Three of Thirty Days of Thanksgiving . . . and yet, the commercial world is already awash in Christmas hoopla.

Too much.

Too early.

Too crass.

I hear you.

But I am just so darned excited that the annual Countdown to Christmas has begun over at the Hallmark Channel.

Holiday Movies – All Day! All Night! (exclamation points theirs)


(Plus? OMG.  I am so excited!)

New Premieres Every Saturday and Sunday Night

Notice that’s not just “premieres,” that’s “new premieres.” How much better can it get? Is there anything newer than a new new thing?

I can barely contain myself. I love to wallow in Hallmark’s slow-paced, who-in-the-heck-is that-actor? meets didn’t-I-see-her-on-a-soap-opera? movies. They tug at my heart and make me happy. And during languid musical interludes, I look up the cast on IMDb, the Internet Movie Database.

Call me ridiculous. Call me romantic. I don’t care. The Countdown to Christmas is my well-deserved reward for waiting out all those slasher flicks during October.

Bottom line: I am thankful I now can use the remote without fear of accidentally peeping something that will give me nightmares.

So praise the Lord and pass that bowl of popcorn. It’s too early to string it, but I am settling in for a long autumn night of A Christmas Wish and Hitched for the Holidays.

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2 thoughts on “Day Three: Thanks Be for Holiday Movies

    1. Charlotte Post author

      So’s the flu, but I’m going to take that as a good thing. 🙂 I really do love those movies. They are a school for romance writing.


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