The Book: Eldercare Is Making Me Fat

Cover of Eldercare Is Making Me Fat by Charlotte Johnson JonesWhat do you do when your 96-year-old mother-in-law gets stuck on the sofa and a neighbor has to call the rescue squad? Or when, at age 91, your own mother decides to give up underpants?

If you are Charlotte Johnson Jones, first you go to the kitchen and eat every cookie, buttery snack, and piece of chocolate you can get your hands on. Then you sit down and write.

Eldercare Is Making Me Fat is a set of tales about the challenges Jones and her husband, Herman, have faced as they try to manage the health and affairs of the women whom they affectionately (and with great exasperation) call “The Mothers.”

“I am so glad you are expressing what we all go through. Thanks for the laughter.”

Slim, irreverent, and truthful but touching—just as its author would like to be—Eldercare is the perfect book for everyone with an addled, stubborn parent or grandparent who is driving them to the doughnuts.

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