Getting Ready for the Big Event

On Thursday, I’ll be the guest speaker for the second annual Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon, sponsored by the Fredericksburg area Partners in Aging.

The PiA used to honor local caregivers every year by inviting them to a seminar on some sort of useful topic like dealing with difficult behaviors or dementia.

Then a couple of years ago, according to luncheon committee member Patricia A. Holland, the organization decided that caregivers had enough stress without sitting through a workshop on the stuff many were dealing with firsthand every day. That’s when the idea was born for an entertaining, invitation-only, relaxing outing instead.

This time up, I’m the entertainment.

I’ll be talking about how to find the humor in caregiving. And about how figuring out what’s funny in a caregiving situation can help to relieve  some of the tension that often smolders when you are a child or spouse responsible for an elderly loved one.

As a person who used to clench her teeth and shake her fists with anger just about every time a friend asked how my mother (or my mother-in-law) was doing, I hope I can shed some light.

I’m surprised and happy to report that after writing Eldercare Is Making Me Fat, I actually do find some of the most exasperating behavior to be amusing. Who knew? I can’t cough up a funny story all the time but when I can, I feel so much better. And so do my friends, who no longer have to take a big step back for fear I’ll blow a gasket in their direction.

I’m a little nervous about the luncheon right now but I’ve been working hard and all should be just fine. After I get feedback–and by that, I mean after I see what parts of the talk kept people awake and which lulled them into a post-luncheon stupor–I’ll post some tips for finding humor in caregiving right here on the blog.

Break a leg.

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Big Event

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Thank you, Pat. I had a terrific time and connected with so many warm, lovely people. I do appreciate the invitation from Partners in Aging. And Saint Herman enjoyed himself too.

  1. Boo

    Maybe talk a lot about the goodies you’ve discovered while raiding the kitchen cabinets…tho you are not fat…..
    And…when in doubt…..mumble

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Talk about goodies! The organization sponsoring the event has delicious miniature cupcakes after lunch as a special treat. Yum.


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