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Six Reasons I Love Farmers Markets

It’s the weekend and that means I’m missing the Farmers Market back home in Fredericksburg. 

When we’re on the road I like to head for the local market if I can.

People and tents at the Farmers Market at the Santa Fe Railyard

The Saturday Farmers Market at the Santa Fe, New Mexico, Railyard

Why do I like farmers markets?

1) I like to support area farmers. When neighboring farmers can make a living, then their land is safer from development and disappearance. My home in Fredericksburg is less than three miles away from I-95, one of the most polluted, clogged, and urbanized highways in the U.S.  Yet just two miles in the other direction are pastures, fields, and breathing space for the soul and the lungs.

Singing River Farm owner playing guitar in his booth at  the Santa Fe Farmers Market

Singing River Farm booth at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, with a singing farmer.

2) I like the quality of produce that is fresh from the ground or the tree branch. At the farmers market I can find tomatoes that don’t smell like plastic, lettuce that was resting on the earth just hours ago, and cucumbers that haven’t been waxed shinier than my kitchen floor. Continue reading

Time for Tires

Up early today in Mesilla, New Mexico. Time for four new back tires. Herman is sobbing into his coffee. These things are killer expensive but on the hot Southwestern roads we need more tread than we had. Then we’ll be up on I-10 West and headed for Tombstone. Yo, Wyatt Earp, we’re on our way.


They Make 'Em Big Out Here (At Mesilla Valley Commercial Tire)

Enchiladas, La Posta, Mesilla, New Mexico


Anyone who has ever suggested Thai food to me knows I am a spice wimp. This trip is giving me a thing for enchiladas smothered in a piquant (lovely word) not hot, green chile sauce. These were at the fabulous La Posta restaurant in Mesilla, New Mexico,  last night. La Posta is an explosion of color, tropical birds (fake and in a big cage at the reception desk), and history. It used to be the stagecoach stop before the train went through nearby Las Cruces. Billy the Kid probably ate here. Hope he had the enchiladas.

Love enchiladas? Love New Mexican food? What about New Mexico? Hope you will leave a comment, below.