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Let the Schadenfreude Begin

It’s all fun and games until the duct tape blows off your rear view mirror.


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This trip out West has been an enviable experience, but in all honesty, we have hit a slump.

The same swirling weather system that brought record-breaking tornadoes to Oklahoma and the Midwest in the last couple of weeks created dry but unusually robust winds along our travel route. Gusts have been as high as 35-50 miles per hour at the worst of it.

We made the turn north from Las Cruces, New Mexico, up toward the Four Corners and Santa Fe at about the time the storms began to brew.

Along I-26 not far from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the smaller awning on Herman’s side began to swing in and out, rolling itself back up more haphazardly with each bang against the coach.  We pulled off the highway into the parking lot of a chile packing plant and braved flying dust as I held our flimsy aluminum stepladder and Herman climbed up to see what could be done. Nada. Zippy-dee-doo-dah. Continue reading

Rain, rain, we went away

Welcome to Texas sign and the Jones circus wagon

Welcome to Texas

The rain, rain, rain, did I mention RAIN, chased us out of Biloxi, Mississippi, a day early. Herman and I have had an interesting 436 miles on the road, featuring a night in the Walmart parking lot in (I am not kidding) Sulphur, Louisiana; the most interesting welcome center I have ever seen, smack in the middle of a Texas swamp; and a beautiful, sunny day along I-10 in western Louisiana. We’re settled in Houston–along with, to our  surprise, the National Rifle Association–for a couple of days. So much material for the next book!

Jones motorhome in the Walmart parking lot in Sulphur Louisiana

Walmart Night Sulphur Louisiana

Swampland behind the Texas Welcome Center I-10 West

Hidden Beauty at the Texas Welcome Center I-10 West