Thankful that Thirty Days Hath November

Today has been a whirlwind. We’ve got company coming for dinner and to spend the night. Can’t wait to see them but I have gone into my usual frantic house straightening, crazy cooking, why didn’t I do this YESTERDAY instead of X, Y, or Z-ing? mode.

Last minute has been my M.O. since Miley was barely a twerk in her daddy’s eye.

Why can’t I get it together before the deadline comes heaving right up in my grill? I loved Girl Scouts, for Heaven’s sake. Sold cookies. Earned badges. Held hands and sang songs. Yes, I know the motto. Be prepared.

Who knew that would mean a lifetime of Be Prepared:Three seconds before the last minute, this girl scout is going to swing into action and mow everything down between here and what she should have done last week. It’s a shame they didn’t have a badge in procrastination. I would have been golden.

We’ve got a lot of family coming to visit this month and I’m excited. We’re expecting about 30 people at the house for Thanksgiving. I’m making my lists. I’m checking them twice. But I haven’t actually gotten started on anything. Like freezing huge batches of mac and cheese. Or ordering a turkey. Or two. Or three.

It’s going to be a wild month. And a wonderful one. But thank goodness it’s not August. Or October. That thirty-first day would probably kill me.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful that Thirty Days Hath November

    1. Charlotte Post author

      I even have my Girl Scout knife, with with two blades and the scissors! It is one of my most prized possessions. But, I’ll grant you, the uniforms were hideous.


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